Improve internal site search and drive more revenue

SoloSegment SearchBox helps customers increase conversion by 92% by improving the relevance of onsite search results.


Did you know that site searchers are 43% more likely to buy than non-searchers? 

Therefore, a flawless and intuitive internal site search should be top-of-mind for businesses of all types.

Leverage this engagement by improving the relevance of search results with SearchBox: an automated search box optimization tool from SoloSegment. 


Why SoloSegment SearchBox?

Increased Revenue 

Maximize revenue by helping site visitors find what they need. When compared to visitors, internal site searchers are 43% more likely to buy, and up to 600% more likely in some cases. 

Improved Customer Experience 

Give onsite searchers what they are looking for and improve their overall customer experience, for better engagement, loyalty, and conversions. 

Easy Implementation

With a quick JavaScript plugin, SearchBox will immediately begin to gather information and refine search results automatically.

Instant ROI

Because SearchBox automatically and continuously improves search results, your company will begin to realize benefits immediately: increasing conversions, improving revenue, and creating a new audience of satisfied customers.


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