Improve engagement and conversion with website personalization

Customers have improved content engagement by as much as 139% with SoloSegment GuideBox.

SoloSegment GuideBox provides anonymous, behavior-based personalization to drive your business forward.

Benefits of SoloSegment GuideBox include:  

  • Better marketing outcomes: SoloSegment GuideBox helps customers find what they’re looking for with fast and quantifiable results. Your visitors achieve their goals while you grow your business.
  • Anonymous data: SoloSegment GuideBox analyzes previous patterns of visitor success to recommend the right content to the next visitor.
  • Integrated systems: Easily share data with other components of your MarTech stack. 
  • Ease-of-use: SoloSegment GuideBox is easy to deploy and automatically runs after deployment

With SoloSegment GuideBox, reduce the complexity of the B2B buying process, improve your website experience, and gain more value from your existing website content. 

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